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Welcome to the website of Maximaal Taal!

Maximum Taal is an independent language institute confirmed in Utrecht. We specialize in providing language training to those who want to learn Dutch.

Language is the indispensable foundation for integration. Language alone is no guarantee of achieving your ultimate goal. Our objective is achieved when the student connection can be found in the regular facilities in Dutch society and if continued participation is realized in social and / or professional sense. Our offer is to increase the independent position of students.

Up to Taaltrainingen work enthusiastic and experienced teachers with specialized education Dutch as a second language.

Maximum language works only with carefully selected teachers and student counselors. Our student counselors are multilingual, which means in practice that novice students, if they wish, they can explain its assignments in English, French or Arabic. Of course Dutch is the official language within the framework of teaching and the organization. Also deepen our teachers and mentors in the cultural backgrounds of a student. This is particularly important for guiding the student to a successful integration process.

Our teachers and counselors are experienced in guiding learners and in providing customized language training.

Maximaal Taal Do you need more information? Or do you want to sign up for the Civic Integration Course, Dutch lessons or  State Exam NT2? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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